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Mounting and Installation

Mounting and Installation

First and foremost, these units are designed to be mounted outside. For reliable snow and rain detection, the moisture grid must be mounted in a location that exposes it to a clear view of the sky. Therefore, do not mount underneath eaves or overhangs.

Do not mount unit near furnace vents, dryer vents or other sources of heat since this would negatively impact its ability to accurately register outside temperature (temperature sensor).

If not mounting the unit on or against the house, avoid placing it in a high traffic area where people will trip over it.

The units can be mounted using a free standing, appropriately sized conduit or by using the mounting holes on each end of the units.



This can allow water into the enclosure causing a potential shock or fire hazard. It is recommended that a weatherproof conduit or junction box be mounted beneath the DS5 for termination of the power and load pigtails to the building wiring.


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