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Roof and Gutter De-icing Controls

Lengthen the life of your system by only powering it up when needed. Let Warmup Snow and Ice Electric Cable Controls for roof deicing and sensors do the work for you. Read on to discover our Roof and Gutter De-icing solutions.

Warmup offers a selection of controls for roof deicing to suit your project.


When to use the USETO2 programmable controller with USETOR gutter sensor?

The USETO2 is an indoor mounted controller. It is triggered by a roof or gutter-mounted USETOG sensor and therefore, very accurate. The USETO2 will require external contacts and therefore can be customized to suit any project.

This Roof and Gutter De-icing controller can detect both temperature and moisture when paired with ETOR and ETF sensors. The ice and snow melting system will then only be activated if ice or snow is present and below a certain temperature.
An easily operated encoder button and backlit graphics display ensure quick and easy configuration and simple indication of temperature, status, etc. It also features advanced two-stage output control for economic operation. Read specification sheet.

When to use the DS-8C All-In-One controller with the optional CDP-2 indoor control panel?

The DS-8C offers installation convenience, with the relay and sensor all mounted on one single enclosure. The DS-8C is mounted outside and its sensor dropped inside the gutter for accurate readings. It can control up to 30 amps of roof cable.

This control is primarily designed for gutters, downspouts and roof ice-melting. The low-voltage, totally sealed precipitation sensor is remotely mounted. This allows the user to install the small sensor head in a downspout, the bottom of a gutter, or at the end of an antenna boom, up to 10′ away, while keeping the main controller in a more convenient or protected location. Read Specification Sheet.

When to use the TF115-001 Line voltage controller?

This is really the budget add-on. The TF115-001 will switch up to 22 amps or about 500ft of cable and will only activate based on temperature. You set a temperature between 30°F and 40°F and the system will trigger, whether it snows or not. Not the most accurate, but the best value at under $200.

Designed perfectly for small and medium-sized jobs, the TF115-001 controller will provide protection to roof and gutters. This controller is in a rugged, weather resistant enclosure, enabling placement most anywhere. It mounts near (or onto) the roof or gutter for accurate monitoring. It has a large, visible dial, allowing for easy & simple control of set points. Read Specification Sheet.


When to use the WRS-2 – Automatic Controls for roof deicing?

The WRS-2 is essentially a power cord with a sensor built-in and is specifically intended for use with WRGH constant wattage kits. This is a budget add-on to automate WRGH installations and only operates when needed by turning the system on when temperatures drop below 40°F. Download the Installation Manual.

Not sure which control is best for your project?