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How do I check if the cable is working ?

Loose Wire – NADWS

If you are concerned that your underfloor heating system is not working there are a few steps you can take.

First, confirm your thermostat is programmed correctly. The following video may help if you have a 4iE. If your thermostat is sending electricity to your floor, the 4iE will show a triangle between degrees and the word floor (on large temperature setting). The triangle is the thermostat heating indicator.

If your thermostat is programmed properly and your floor is not heating up or if you are getting a ground fault error message without pressing the clear tab on the bottom of your thermostat, the next step would be to have an electrician test your underfloor heating system. While Warmup does not offer field visits, we are always just a phone call away with the tips and tools to support you and your electrician though this process – contact us.

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