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How do I get into my thermostat if I forgot the password?

4iE Smart WiFi Thermostat

If you forgot the password you set to lock your thermostat you can simply do a power cycle to bypass entering the code.

There are many instances where you may want to set a lock on your 4iE thermostat. This feature is especially great for parents, landlords, and business owners. Since we understand these are the busiest types of people, we have made it easy to bypass entering the code in case you ever forget the password.

To reset your thermostat and bypass entering the code all you have to do is perform a power cycle to reset your thermostat. To perform a power cycle, remove the 2 screws from the bottom of your unit and pull off the face of the thermostat. On the back side of the thermostat face, press and hold the reset button for 15 seconds. The reset button is recessed in the face so it may be necessary to use a small paperclip to reach the button. After you have successfully held the reset button for 15 seconds you can re-assemble the thermostat unit. Be careful during re-assembly that you carefully alight the golden prongs.

Once your unit is assembled the screen will illuminate and allow you to re-program. If you are still experiencing an issue or if you’d like to work through this with a representative, contact us!

If you prefer, you can follow along with this video to power cycle your 4iE thermostat:


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