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How long should I program my CommBox to melt snow?


It will vary depending on the depth of the cable in the material (concrete, pavers or asphalt) and the voltage input into the cable (280-240-277). The lower the cable is embedded and the lower the voltage, the longer the system will have to run.


It is clear that pre-runs and anticipation of the snowfall is critical for a successful system. In the event of high precipitation, manually activating the system several hours prior is recommended, as it will actually reduce the total run-time as melting will occur faster by preventing build-up. When snow has had the chance to build up, it takes significantly longer to melt it.


Two hour run times per zone is typical. Make sure that zone 1 (contactor 1) is the most critical area (such as a walkway to the door or tire-tracks) as zones 2 and following will experience build-ups and take longer to heat up.


Commbox 2


Please read over the instruction manual to familiarize yourself with the Box capabilities and settings.