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How To Wire the DS-2 Controller ?


You can find a short video clip below for wiring the DS-2 or you can find written instructions.

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The Yellow load leads are N.O. contacts and do not supply power directly to your load. The relay inside the DS-2C acts as a switch. While not as convenient as directly supplying power for the load this allows you to operate the DS-2C from one voltage while controlling a load of a different voltage without adding an external relay or contactor. For example, the DS-2C can be powered from 120VAC but can directly control a 24VAC signal for a boiler system or 277VAC for the heating wire.

The following diagrams show a possible wiring scheme for connecting the DS-2C to your load. Your load may be a direct connection to heat cable, a heater, a contactor coil, or a control voltage. For clarity, the green safety GROUND leads are not shown.

DS-2C wiring