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How does the open window function on my Smart Thermostat work?

6iE Smart Thermostat

The open window function is a setting on your thermostat that will detect when a nearby window is open, letting in outside air and will adjust the temperature accordingly.



  • A Windows open event is triggered by a 5°C drop in temperature within any 15-minute period.
  • When a Windows open event is detected, then the thermostat will go to frost protection mode and show the window icon.


  • A Windows open event will be terminated by a temperature change when any 1-minute period is ≥ 32°F,  the user presses any button, or there is a 30-minute time-out from the event trigger.
  • When a Windows open event is terminated, then the thermostat will return to priority run mode (this means that any override that was active at the start of the Windows open event will be lost) and will remove window icon.

Curious on how to set the window detection on your Terra Smart Thermostat? See the video below:

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