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Should I use a 120V or 240V electric floor heating system?

Loose Wire – NADWS

As a rule of thumb, when you are heating an area over 130sqft, you will likely use a 240V system(s). Why?

  • 120V systems provide more options for covering smaller areas; similarly, 240V systems provide more options for larger areas.
  • Whether you are using one or several heating systems, each specially designed thermostat that will power them can handle a load of 15 amps. Anything more than that and you will need to purchase an additional thermostat.
  • The 240V products use less amperage which might help if you have limited space/breakers in your electrical panel.
  • 240V systems can also be used as a primary heating source. Therefore, if that is your goal, be sure to consider purchasing a 240V system.

The bottom line: The more heating systems and thermostats you need to purchase will affect the total cost. If you tried to heat a large area with 120V systems, you would need more material and therefore more thermostats to power them. However, this voltage but would be ideal for smaller areas.


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