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Does the SNOPRO-100 require a high-limit sensor?

SNOPRO-100 Series

The function of the high-limit sensor to monitor the slab temperature and protect the system against thermal runaway.
Therefore, “YES”, both versions of the SNOPRO-100 require the high-limit sensors to be wired  to terminals 10 & 11 in the controller, either by the high-limit sensor that is included in both SNOPRO-100 or by putting in a 470k resistor as outlined on page 11 of our manual.
The high-limit sensor should be installed regardless of whether the SNOPRO-100 is used at a satellite or a stand-alone to protect against thermal runaway.

Page 11 from our manual states:

Bypassing the high-limit temperature sensor

*If the high-limit sensor is NOT wired, the SNOPRO-100 will blink a green light and not activate.

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