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What is the DCM-PRO cable made of?


The DCM-PRO cable consists of a twin conductor resistance heating cable with a primary insulation of Fluoropolymer with high dielectric strength and high temperature properties.

In addition, the DCM-PRO cable has a ground braid. This ground braid covers the conductors providing additional mechanical strength and a ground path. The final outer jacket of PVC provides corrosion protection and makes the cable sturdier.

DCM-PRO cable


Furthermore, The heating cable terminates at one end with a 10’ cold lead. The conductor cores and ground braid are factory joined in a water resistant joint while the heater terminates at the other end with a smaller water resistant joint.

Feel free to trim the unheated power connection lead (10ft) to your needs or extend using a suitable UL-approved wire. Always complete cable connections in a junction box. Do not leave excess wire in the wall. In addition, a qualified electrician must extend or shorten the wire in accordance with local/state laws and guidelines.

Finally, be sure to inspect the entire heating cable for damage including the factory made joint and end termination. Please refer to the installation manual for more information.


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