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Is it possible to repair damaged underfloor heating?

Digital multimeter

It is possible to repair Warmup cable systems.

If you have tested your underfloor heating system and found that the resistance readings you are getting are outside of the range they should be, stop what you are doing and read this post.

No reading core to core indicates a full break. Readings outside of the range, or readings back from the ground, indicate a nick or short in the cable.

We understand that these discoveries are an inconvenience, and that is why Warmup is committed to supporting you throughout the process.

If the flooring has yet to be installed: Contact us and be sure to mention you have a damaged system and you have not installed any flooring yet. If this is your situation, you are likely to qualify for our SafetyNet Guarantee.

If the flooring has been installed: In this event,  Warmup offers free tool rental, full repair videos on YouTube, and 24/7 phone support (after hours: +1 (203) 616-2928) to help an electrician pinpoint and repair a cable system. Contact us and we will be happy to start working through this process together.

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