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Can the cable be spaced at 2 pegs?

DCM-PRO Peel-And-Stick Membrane

The DCM-PRO cable can be spaced at 2 pegs without damaging the system however, 2 peg spacing is not necessary.

The 2-castellation method can be used without damage to the system but it is outside UL regulations. The Warmup system, at 3 castellations, is already the most powerful allowed by regulations. Our UL system rating is on 3/3 only.

In the event that you have too much cable for a space or that you require rapid ramp up times, Warmup recommends a rotation of 2/3 peg spacing or that you move to 2 peg spacing. You should never cut the DCM-PRO heating cable.

If the space requires more than 19 watts of output per square foot to compensate for heat loss, the use of Warmup insulation boards is recommended instead of 2 peg spacing.

Tip from Warmup: If you are rotating a 2/3 peg spacing be mindful of floor probe placement. Warmup recommends placing the probe between cable at 3 peg spacing to ensure that the system does not click off before your target temperature is met.