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How Do I Mount a Warmup Towel Warmer?

Towel Warmers

Simply Install Your Warmup Towel Warmer with this Guide

To mount the Warmup towel warmer, be sure to install it vertically with the cord exiting from the base.

Warmup Towel Warmers were designed and built with simplicity in mind. Constructed of high quality 304 stainless steel expertly welded in unique designs. They are safe and easy to use. While most of our models require hard wiring to a power source (except plug-in models) they do not require a controller.

First, carefully unpack your towel warmer and ensure all pieces are included for a successful installation. Check the resistance of the heating cable coming from the towel warmer with an ohmmeter or the Warmup Alligator Tester. Check the chart below and ensure your reading is within 10% of the approved resistance reading.

Towel warmer table

All models will have the power cord exiting on the bottom right bracket (when facing the mounted towel warmer mounted). Plan accordingly when setting up switches and electrical rough-in. Mount the heated towel vertically with the cord exiting from the base. It should also be positioned at least 2 feet above the floor. The towel warmer should be at least one foot away from all permanent fixtures in the surrounding area (toilet, vanity, etc).

towel warmer

Note: This appliance requires a connection to ground and an accessible all pole disconnection switch is required in the fixed wiring.

The left side of your towel warmer must be anchored into a stud. Use a stud-finder tool to locate the 2×4 behind your drywall and mark it with a pencil. Hold your towel warmer level at the desired height and line it up with the stud on the left side. Using a pencil, draw around the end of each tube to mark their positions on the wall. Make sure your marks are level and square. These will determine where you will secure the device to the wall.  Screw the mounting inserts securely to the wall at the locations marked. Press the towel warmer onto the mounting inserts gradually. Check that each leg is lined up with the mounting inserts before applying force. Mount the towel warmer with a single grub screw on each of the 4 brackets.

Concealed Cord Entry with Attached Junction Box

  1. Refer to the “Mounting your Towel Warmer” section to identify the exact location of the brackets.
  2. The lower right bracket of your towel warmer will come supplied with a box cover plate that covers a standard 2×4 “single gang” electrical box.
    • Use the junction box supplied by your electrician as the main point to determine where the other brackets will fall. Secure the left side of the towel warmer to wood or metal studs or a structural element.
    • Mark the space of the cover plate on the wall to determine the exact location of your junction box if not already installed.
  3. To connect your towel warmer, first wire the power connection cord to the supplied 120V power in the J-box.
    • Turn off at the breaker box to avoid electrical shock.
    • You can trim the power cord to your needs leaving no less than 12” exiting the towel warmer.
    • Upon secure connection to the line voltage, mount the towel warmer to the brackets. Then secure by tightening the grub screws underneath each bracket.

Concealed Cord Entry with Remote Junction Box

If you choose to locate the J-box elsewhere than at the recommended bottom right of the towel warmer, follow the instructions below. You can wire it directly into the switch box or into the box where your Warmup 4iE thermostat is mounted.

  1. Mount the concealed cable mushroom into the wall where the lower right-hand bracket is located (lower right as you look at the mounted towel warmer)
  2. Ensure you have a code compliant connection between the mushroom anchor and your electrical connection in the J-box.
  3. Determine the other 3 anchor points and secure the wall anchors accordingly.
  4. Secure the left side of the towel warmer to wood or metal studs or a structural element.
  5. Your lead wire is 6ft long (except models TW001 and TW002 where it is 3ft). You can trim it to your needs leaving no less than 12” outside of the towel warmer.
  6. Remove the cover plate from the lower right-hand bracket.
  7. Sleeve the cable through the wall anchor mushroom and fish it through to your electrical connection. All electrical connections and wiring must be compliant with local and national electrical codes. Please check with a licensed electrician.
  8. Finally, safely push your towel warmer into place and tighten the grub screws underneath each bracket.

Please refer to the installation manual for more details.