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Can I Cut the Electric Floor Heating System Wire if I Have too Much?

Loose Wire – NADWS

You cannot cut the floor heating wire for any reason.

If you cut the system, you could possibly permanently damage the wire. However, if you have too much floor heating wire for your floor configuration there are some options:

  1. If you have excess wire, it is possible to adjust the spacing of your wires.  For example, you can adjust the spacing of the wires to two inches, using up more wire, from three inches apart. Note: Make sure that you never space the wires closer than 2 inches.
  2. If you used a 4 inch border, make it a 2 inch border instead.
  3. Place the wire in sections of the room not currently covered to use up additional wire. Always remember not to place the wire under any permanent fixtures and not positioning them closer than 2 inches apart.
  4. It’s likely an overestimate of how much floor heating wire was needed occurred. In this case, you will have to remeasure your space, return the floor heating system and request a different size.  The cable must be in resellable condition. There is a small restocking fee involved.

As a reminder, it is vital that you carefully measure your desired heating area, prior to ordering your product, to avoid unnecessary installation delays. Please take advantage of the many installation videos available on our website.

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