Change the Way You Heat:
Make it Radiant

Underfloor heating is energy-efficient

Sustainable energy solutions are more important than ever before.

Our radiant heating systems and smart controls deliver unforgettable comfort under any type of flooring using less energy than central heating systems and with this increased efficiency, you can save money on your heating bills.

Unbeatable comfort indoors and out

Chose a heating system that will change the way your friends and family feel about heating. It is as easy as measuring, ordering, and installing.

Along the way 24/7 support and industry-leading warranties are some of the ways we hope to provide you with an exceptional customer experience.

Our job is to make yours easier

Whether you are an installer, a dealer, or a specifier Warmup offers specialist support to help guarantee the success of your project. From the loading docks of Aldi and Walmart to the Hudson Yards penthouses, we are working from the ground up to take radiant heating to new heights.

sustainable radiant warmth bathroom

Sustainable radiant warmth

Underfloor heating uses radiant heat technology, which heats objects in a space directly rather than just warming the air of the room. You can use floor heating as your home’s primary heat source or install a system in just one room.

smart automatic control thermostat

Smart, automatic control

Working with wireless communication, smartphone applications and location services, our range of heating controllers offer intuitive, automatic control of your home’s heating and can help find ways to reduce your energy costs.

DCM-PRO side view

Luxurious hidden heat

The ‘invisible’ nature of underfloor heating allows complete freedom when designing your home, with no need for radiators and exposed piping. We offer a range of floor heating systems ideal for both new-build and renovation projects.

See how we’ve brought energy-efficient heat to these inspirational projects

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Dramatic 1875 Cabin Flip – ON
Office Space – Surrey, BC
Office Space – Surrey, BC
Four Seasons Hotel – Toronto, ON

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