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Can I Have Another Thermostat as an Acting Relay?

3iE Energy-Monitoring Thermostat

Additional Thermostat as an Acting Relay

Each thermostat will need its own dedicated 20A circuit. Using a low voltage communication wire between both thermostats will allow one to act as a master and the other to serve as a relay.

When multiple floor heating systems require more than 15amps, you can substitute an additional 3iE instead of purchasing a relay.

If your floor heating system exceeds 30 amps, please contact us for other options. The second 3iE would be programmed as a “relay” to the primary thermostat which will serve as the “master” control.

Each thermostat/relay can handle a maximum of 15 amps. It will turn on and off in conjunction with the “Master” thermostat.

Two conductor wires go from terminals 2 & 3 from the master relay to terminals 2 & 3 of relay (slave) thermostat.

Note: When using the master/slave setup, please connect a floor probe to each thermostat.

Please refer to the installation manual for more information.


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