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Initial Set up of the 3iE Energy Monitoring Floor Heating Thermostat

3iE Energy-Monitoring Thermostat

You will power on your 3iE by pressing and holding the button at the bottom of the front of the device until the screen displays the Warmup logo. This button is located in the middle, bottom part of the thermostat.

You will next be walked through a series of programming steps starting with setting the language and ending with deciding to engage the available (optional) energy monitoring feature. As you go through the initial set up, you will touch various symbols on the front of your thermostat to make your selections (or adjust them at a future time).

Note 1: The prompts that appear over the , the X, the dashes –, and the up and down arrows, will be lit indicating that they can be touched to make needed selections and adjustments as you go through the initial set up. See pg. 3 of the programming manual for more details.

Note 2: When you get to the part where you are prompted to choose your initial program schedule (which can be edited at any time), keep in mind that your heating options are broken down into periods. Typically, you will always have at least 2 periods to program, the temperature you want your floor at a specific time when it is in use and then the temperature you want the floor to be at, and the specific time period while not in use. For example, think about a bathroom. If you want a warm floor in the morning, your “period: 1″ might have a setting of a “start time” at 6:00am with a “floor temp” of 70ᴼ. Your next period, “period: 2” might have a setting of a “start time” at 7:00am with a “floor temp” of 63ᴼ. By breaking your programming into periods you will save energy by only heating your floor when it will primarily be in use. You can choose to set up several periods for each day. See page 5 of the 3IE programming manual for more details.


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