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DS-8 Controller Wiring


You can find a short video clip below for wiring the DS-8 or you can continue past for a link to written instructions with wiring diagrams.

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The small corded device with the interleaved grid is the remote precipitation or “moisture” sensor. The brass cylinder protruding from the bottom of the DS-8C enclosure is the temperature sensor. For reliable rain and snow detection, the moisture sensor must be exposed to a clear view of the sky. Reference Page 7 “Moisture Sensor Mounting & Termination” for guidance in mounting the DS-8C moisture sensor. For proper temperature detection, the DS-8C enclosure must be mounted outdoors, away from furnace vents, dryer vents, and other sources of heat. Note that, when powered, the DS-8C moisture grid will always remain hot. This is normal. This allows the sensor to continuously melt/evaporate both rain and snow from the grid. The DS-8C enclosure can be mounted by screwing the base conduit hub onto an appropriate size free-standing conduit or by using the mounting holes in each corner of the enclosure.

See here for the wiring diagrams.


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