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Driveway Heating Systems

Warmup driveway snow melting products keep driveways snow-free and ice-protected. They are placed under concrete, asphalt or pavers to prevent the accumulation of ice and snow. The system is connected to moisture and temperature sensing control for automated activation.

A heated driveway made simple and safe.

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Would you benefit from a Warmup Heated Driveway System?

Heating a residential or commercial driveway is a great way to prepare for the unknown. In a steep area or a space with heavy foot traffic, a Warmup system offers piece of mind. Warmup snow melting mats and cables can be easily installed under pavers, asphalt, or concrete during driveway installation to ensure that a snow and ice-free surface will be maintained.  You can increase safety and convenience all while saving time this winter with our wide range of snow melting systems.

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How Do Heated Driveways Work?

A Warmup electric heated driveway system wired to a controller is designed operate automatically. A wide range of controller options are available. A majority of control options monitor moisture, temperature, and precipitation to activate the system, heating just above freezing. Timer systems exist as well and are operated manually, but may fail to keep up with snow fall if activated late. In contrast, the Warmup WSM-200-WiFi activates based on the weather forecast, so it can preheat the slab before the snowfall.

Snow melting mat systems are composed of heating cables laid loose on re-mesh or preformed mesh mats for a faster installation. For custom layouts and curves, loose cables are recommended. For straight runs, walkways and tire-tracks, Warmups 2ft and 3ft-wide mats are the best choice.

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Heated Driveway System Installation

Installation of a snow melting system can be done on an existing surface or anytime a new walkway or driveway is laid. Coverage can follow a variety of patterns, with tire-tracks being very popular as they reduce upfront costs and future operating costs, yet remain very effective. You can connect up to 1,600 sqft of heated coverage to a controller, though this varies with controller choice. Refer to the installation manual for detailed instructions and recommended practices.

Driveway Heating for Concrete / Asphalt

Warmup snow melting mats can be installed directly on an existing concrete or asphalt surface before an additional 2” pour or can be laid on a drained gravel base before a new pour. For an asphalt installation Warmup does recommend hand rolling the surface. During installation it is important not to use equipment over 1 ton.

Driveway Heating for Under Pavers

Heated walkway pavers offer the best of both worlds: style and function. During a typical paver installation snow melting mats or cables are laid on a drained gravel base followed by a layer of sand or fine gravel. This layer should be at least 1”. Once this is done, the pavers can be laid.

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System Power Requirements

Mats Cables
Voltage 240V 480V 600V 240V 480V 600V
Compatible with

– Certain Mats and Cables are suitable for 3-phase wiring. Contact Warmup for details.

– Standard mat output is 50W/sqft. Depending on wiring and de-rating, output can vary. For example, the output of a 240V mat wired at 208V will be 42w/sqft. It takes at least 35w/sqft in most climates to perform driveway snow melting.

– Cables spaced at 3” apart will have the same 50w/sqft standard output, or 12w/linear foot. We recommend spacing cables at 4” for an output of 42w/sqft.

– Products not suitable for 120V or 347V applications


installing gravel over snow melting cables


A heated driveway system will cost about $10/sqft though this will vary on coverage. Using a tire-track design can be very effective. For example, a 20×30 driveway heated edge to edge will likely run about $5,000 + controls. However two sets of tire-tracks running 30ft down from the two garage doors will run about $2,400 and still provide you with the convenience of a snow free pathway.

Controls can vary from $500 form smaller systems to $3,500 for WIFI-based systems. Large commercial controls with GFEP protection are also available. Contact Warmup for a detailed proposal.



10 Year Warranty

This product comes with a 10 Year Warranty. We are completely confident in the standard of our products.

Technical Information

Product Documentation

Mat and Cables:

pdf-128  Technical Specifications (Mat)

pdf-128  Technical Specifications (Cable)

pdf-128  Installation Manual (Mat and Cable)


pdf-128  Technical Specifications (SNOPRO-100 Series)

pdf-128  Installation Manual (SNOPRO-100 Series)

pdf-128 PRO-A Aerial Sensor (SNOPRO-100 Series)

pdf-128 PRO-R Gutter Sensor (SNOPRO-100 Series)

pdf-128 PRO-G-H Ground Sensor and Housing (SNOPRO-100 Series)

pdf-128 PRO-REMOTE Remote Extension (SNOPRO-100 Series)

pdf-128  Technical Specifications (DS Series)

pdf-128  Installation Manual (DS-2C)

pdf-128  Installation Manual (DS-5C)

pdf-128  Installation Manual (Commbox 600)

pdf-128  Technical Specifications (WSM-252W)

pdf-128  Instruction Manual (WSM-252W)

pdf-128  Technical Specifications (WSM-63)

pdf-128  Installation Manual (CDP-2)

pdf-128 3-Part Spec

Mat Sizing Guide
Area ft2 Item Size Wattage (W) Amps (A) Resistance (Ω)
10 WSMM-240/500 2′ x 5′ 500 2.1 115.20
20 WSMM-240/1000 2′ x 10′ 1000 4.2 57.60
30 WSMM-240/1500 2′ x 15′ 1500 6.3 38.40
40 WSMM-240/2000 2′ x 20′ 2000 8.3 28.80
50 WSMM-240/2500 2′ x 25′ 2500 10.4 23.00
60 WSMM-240/3000 2′ x 30′ 3000  12.5 19.20
70 WSMM-240/3500 2′ x 35′ 3500 14.6 16.46
80 WSMM-240/4000 2′ x 40′ 4000 16.7 14.40
90 WSMM-240/4500 2′ x 45′ 4500 18.8 12.80
100 WSMM-240/5000 2′ x 50′ 5000 20.8 11.50
120 WSMM-240/6000 2′ x 60′ 6000 25.0 9.60
30 WSMM-240V/3×10 3X10ft 1500 6.3 38.4
60 WSMM-240V/3×20 3X20ft 3000 12.5 19.2
75 WSMM-240V/3×25 3x25ft 3750 15.6 15.6
90 WSMM-240V/3×30 3X30ft 4500 18.8 12.8
120 WSMM-240V/3×40 3X40ft 6000 25.0 9.6
30 WSMM-480/1500 2′ x 15′ 1500 3.13 153.84
40 WSMM-480/2000 2′ x 20′ 3000 4.16 115.38
60 WSMM-480/3000 2′ x 30′ 3000 6.25 76.8
80 WSMM-480/4000 2′ x 40′ 4000 8.33 57.62
120 WSMM-480/6000 2′ x 60′ 6000 12.50 38.40

Cable Sizing Guide
Length (ft) Item * Cable spaced at Wattage (W) Amps (A) Resistance (Ω)
3″ 4″ 5″
Gives sq ft coverage of
84 WSM-240/1000 20 27 34 1000 4.2  57.1
168 WSM-240/2000 43 57 72 2000 8.3  28.9
209 WSM-240/2500 51 67 84 2500 10.4 23.1
251 WSM-240/3000 62 84 104 3000 12.5 19.2
420 WSM-240/5000 100 140 170 5000 20.8 11.5
500 WSM-240/6000 122 181 200 6000 25.0 9.6

Other products from our Outdoor Range

black Self Regulating cable

Roof and Gutter Heating Cables

The Warmup Self-Regulating Cable protects against dangerous build-up of snow and ice on roofs, within gutters and downpipes and prevents pipes from freezing.

pipe freeze protection cable on pipe

Pipe Freeze Protection

Warmup cables are designed to protect PVC and metal pipes, ceramic drains and sprinkler lines in standard and hazardous environments.

DS-9C Control

Snow Melting and De-Icing Controls

Our wide range of controls are designed to save energy and lower operating costs by triggering the system only when needed.

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