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Which snow melting controller is best for me: DS2, DS5, DS8 or ET02?

ETO2 Snow and Ice Melting Controller

DS2: Good for when you are just heating your driveway, stairs or walkways. Can handle up to 30 amps without the use of a contactor panel and is perfect for smaller ground projects less than 150ft. Installed outdoors.

DS5: Since it has 2 x 30 amp relays, this is a good choice when heating your walkway/stairs/driveway or even your roof/gutter at the same time. Installed outdoors.

DS8: Use this controller for simultaneous control of your roof and gutter deicing needs. The controller can handle up to 1200ft of heating wire or the equivalent of a large custom home. Installed outdoors.

ET02: Designed to run very large installations. Simultaneously handles ground and roof/gutter combinations. This controller is programmable with a backlit graphical for maximum customization. Mounted indoors.

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