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Warmup Shower Installations

Heating Mats – DWM

Warmup electric underfloor heating systems are UL approved for wet areas, including a shower! It’s a great way to add comfort and heat to the bathroom for a luxury feel at an affordable cost.

When installing a curbless shower, you are only required one heating system for the bathroom and the shower. However, if the shower has a curb, you will need two separate systems:

  1. Bathroom floor
  2. Shower floor
  3. And a third system for the shower bench (if applicable).

Note: Only one thermostat is required if combined systems remain under 15 Amps.

Below is an example of an installation plan that Warmup can provide for any project. As you can see in this example, there are three separate DCM-PRO cable systems. The first system is for the bench, the second system is for the shower floor and the third system is for the bathroom floor. All three systems begin at the recommended thermostat location. Contact Warmup or speak with your customer experience representative when purchasing the system to have an installation plan created for your project.

Shower Installation

  1. Test your Warmup Mat/DCM-PRO system once you open the box using a digital multimeter.
  2. Install your Warmup insulation boards and/or uncoupling membrane.
  3. Install your Warmup heating mat or DCM-PRO system 
  4. Test your Warmup Mat/DCM-PRO system
  5. Install waterproofing kit (if applicable) along edges of the wall and along all seams.
  6. Thinset and tile over the heating system.
  7. Test your Warmup Mat/DCM-PRO system
  8. Install and connect your heating system to your Warmup thermostat.

Lastly, please refer to all installation manuals when installing your Warmup Underfloor Heating System.

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