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Underfloor Heating for your House

Warmup provide a wide range of electric systems that are suitable for installation in every room of your home. The ideal heater for your home is dependent on a few key things such as whether you are building a new home or refurbishing your current property, what type of room you are installing the system in, the size of the heated space and the subfloor construction and floor finish. Learn more about underfloor heating in different rooms below.

StickyMat floor system in bathroom


Warmup has designed underfloor heating systems ideal for use in bathrooms of all sizes.

modern bedroom white


Installing a floor heater system in a bedroom keeps the air fresher while you sleep.

foil heater in living room

Living Room and Sunroom

UFH gives you design freedom in your living room since our systems won't take up any wall space.

modern kitchen with underfloor heating


Radiant heating is a perfect solution for a kitchen, keeping the air fresh and your feet warm.

basement rec room with home office desk underneath the stairs


Transform your basement into a comfortable space in which to entertain or work with UFH.

outdoor snowy road

Outdoor Areas

Keep driveways, gutters, patios and pathways frost-free with our outdoor heating systems.

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Can Floor Heating Replace Radiators in my House?

Floor heaters allow total design freedom when renovating your home and offer lower long-term running costs than traditional heating systems.

Floor heating uses radiant heat technology to warm the objects and people in the room from the floor up as opposed to central-heated radiators which focus on heating just the air of a room. This makes underfloor heating a much more efficient heating system than radiators, conserving energy whilst also reducing dust circulation, thereby improving the air quality of your home.

You can absolutely replace the radiators in your home with an underfloor heating system. We recommended carrying out a heat loss calculation on the room you wish to heat to make sure it is suitably insulated and can be primarily heated by a floor heater. Some rooms with smaller floor areas, such as small bathrooms, may require supplemental heating.

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Type of Project

Floor heaters provide a highly flexible heating solution for your home. They can be used to heat just one small room or can be installed throughout an entire house.

Floor Heating in One Room

If you are renovating one room in your home, such as your bathroom, an electric underfloor heater is a great choice to provide a consistent, comfortable heat output.

Heating Multiple Rooms

Electric heaters can be installed in several different rooms of your home, through a process known as zoned heating. Zoned heating refers to splitting your home’s floor heating systems into distinct ‘zones’ that can be controlled separately to one another for greater comfort and efficiency.

Heating the Whole House

Underfloor heating systems are well suited for use as the primary source of heat in your whole house.

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Benefits of Zoned Floor Heating

Installing multiple floor heaters across your home facilitates a zoned heating function. This is where multiple heaters are split into separate zones controlled by a zone-dedicated thermostat, increasing the efficiency of your home’s heating. For instance, if you have installed floor heating throughout the ground floor of your home, your hallway and living room may be one zone and your kitchen another zone. The ability to zone heating around your lifestyle greatly improves the efficiency of your heating system, preventing unnecessary energy wastage. This level of precision cannot be matched by traditional central heating systems.

bathroom with underfloor heating mat

Costs of Floor Heating in your Home

The initial costs of purchasing a system and installing it vary depending on the requirements of your project, however the increased efficiency of underfloor heating results in big savings on your energy bills. Floor heaters run at lower temperatures than central heating whilst still producing the same level of warmth and comfort, resulting in lower long-term running costs.

Smart Thermostats for Enhanced Energy-efficiency

You can maximize on the energy-efficiency of a floor heating system in your home by controlling the system with a Warmup Smart Thermostat and its accompanying smartphone app. Using the 6iE Smart WiFi Thermostat alongside our MyHeating app can save you up to $500 on your annual energy bills.


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