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Can the lead of your Warmup heating system be trimmed?

Heating Mats – DWM

Yes, you can trim the cold lead of the Warmup indoor heating system.

As the lead for the heater is 10 feet, it isn’t uncommon to have an excessive amount left once installed. Instead of leaving the excess lead wire in the wall or crowded in the electrical box, Warmup recommends trimming it to a sizable length suitable for your installation.

However, make sure to leave at least 3 feet past the factory joint. Please refer to the installation manual for further information.

Warmup Tip: Place the factory joint in thin-set, and flat on the floor. Protect the leads where they leave the floor by a conduit, electrical metallic tubing, or by other approved means. All electrical connections should be carried out by a qualified electrician. Additionally, they should be in accordance with the National Electrical Code and all local codes. 


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