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Warmup’s radiant electric floor Heated Mats, also called “StickyMat”, or DWM, is an electric underfloor heating mat system. Installers install our heated mats in regularly-shaped areas. In addition, users find our heated mats provide even heat distribution as they are manufactured with the utmost superior material.

Installation tips for the Electric Floor Heating Mat System

You will want to review these floor heating installation tips before you begin your electric floor heating installation project.  Tips such as how the factory joint is positioned to how to extend the unheated lead.  Click “Read More” for details.

How to install a floor heating mat around a drain in a shower ?

While you must NEVER cut the wire, the mat system is designed to allow you to separate the wire from the mesh. The unusable mesh can be cut away from the mat. Now that you have freed the wire, you can install the wire around the area using hot-glue or tape to secure the cable away from any drains or screw-mounts.

Can I install directly onto durock or hardieboard?

If you are starting with a durock or hardieboard you may be wondering what the next recommended steps are. Learn more here!

Warmup Shower Installations

When installing a curbless shower, you are only required one heating system for the bathroom and the shower. However, if the shower has a curb, you will need two separate systems:

How do I install the factory joint which is thicker than the heater wire?

If it is not installed in the floor, the joint may give and your system will no longer work. Not only will your warranty be voided but you will have to repair the joint and place it back into the floor. The joint connects the heated wire to the unheated lead. NEVER leave the factory joint exposed to air and do not place it in or behind the wall.

Can Warmup Electric Heating be Installed in a Shower?

This page discusses the recommended practices of installing Warmup mats or cables in a shower.

Can I install a 120V mat on one leg of a double pole breaker?

There is no neutral leg on a double pole breaker and the polarity between the two sides does not match. This will cause the thermostat to trip and/or it will send too much voltage into a 120V heater.

Can I connect one Warmup heater to another in series?

Connecting one system to the other in series is often referred to as “daisy chaining”. Each floor heating system must be connected individually to the operating floor heating thermostat.

Can I connect more than one Warmup heater to a thermostat?

As long as all systems that connect to the thermostat do not exceed 15 amps, running multiple leads up the conduit to the thermostat location is completely acceptable.

How Long will my Electric Floor Heating System Take to Heat Up?

It depends on a lot of factors, but a classic installation over ¾” plywood with NADWM mats would take about 30 minutes to heat from 60F to 80F. Click “Read More” for details. 

Do I choose cable or mat electric floor heating systems?

This page explains the difference of the mat and loose cable options but ultimately either the cable or mat option will give you the design freedom you are looking for.

Was your electric floor heating system installed directly on a concrete slab?

Without a thermal break, the concrete acts as a heat sink. Therefore, the heat is drawn first into the concrete sub-floor before your floor covering. This is why Warmup recommends installing Warmup Insulation Boards over the concrete sub-floor to act as a thermal break. This forces the heat radiate upwards first rather than down into the concrete slab. Warmup insulation boards can increase ramp up time by over 70% and decrease heat loss by over 90%.

Can I cut my floor heating mat if it’s too large?

Instead, try pulling the cable off the mesh and spacing the cable every 2 or 2.5 inches apart. Consult your installation manual with further questions regarding where the cable or mat can be run.

Are you getting a “Ground Fault” error after a few years?

That “Ground Fault” error on your thermostat after several years could indicate your floor heating system had been damaged during installation.  Click “Read More” to learn why.

Floor Probe Installation Instructions

The thermostats come with a 9’ sensor cable to detect the temperature under the floor finish. The end of the probe wire contains a capped sensor that should be evenly centered between two heating cables at least 12” into the heated area. At no time should the probe wire cross the heating cable.

Electric Floor Heating Mat Installation Video

Warmup electric floor heating mats are designed to make installation easy. Take a peek at our brief installation video to see for yourself.  Click here to view it.

Will the Electric Floor Heating System Work Without the Floor Sensor Probe?

While you can operate your floor heating system without the floor sensor probe it is better to have it installed.  Click “Read More” for detailed information.

What are the electrical requirements for my Warmup system?

Please verify that the circuit can handle the amount of amperage your heating system requires. Your thermostat can only handle up to 15 amps so if you are connecting multiple heaters to one thermostat location, you may need to use a relay and a larger breaker. Your or your electrician can find out the amperage rating of your specific floor heating system in installation manual or printed on the box. Note: Just because the Warmup thermostats are dual voltage, this does not mean you can supply any voltage to your heating system. You must supply the voltage supplied to the voltage of your specific heater.

How far away from the wall should floor heat be installed?

Find our recommendations for distancing floor heat from walls in this post to ensure a perfect underfloor heating installation.

What product do I use if I need 110V?

Do you have 110 volt available for your project? Learn what product is best for you to use in this quick post on the topic.

How do I register a product warranty?

If you are finalizing a Warmup installation it is almost time to register your warranty! Find the link here to the warranty registration page.

Can I heat under furniture?

If you are planning for an upcoming project you may be wondering if you can or can not heat under furniture. Find out here!

Can I install directly onto durock or hardieboard?

If you are starting with a durock or hardieboard you may be wondering what the next recommended steps are. Learn more here!

Does Warmup restrict tile size?

Some companies restrict tile sizes over underfloor heating products but Warmup does not. Learn more here about installation tips for different size tiles.

Can I use area rugs with underfloor heating?

If you are wondering about the use of rugs or mats with underfloor heating look no further. All of the information you need can be found here.

What can I do if I do not have enough cable?

Are you short heating cable for your underfloor heating project? We’ll be happy to help get that solved for you. Read more here.

How thick is the heated floor mat?

If you are looking for an underfloor heating solution with a low-profile you’ll want to consider the heated floor mat by Warmup.

Is there a video guide for installing the Electric Floor Heating Mat?

Are you getting ready to install an electric floor heating mat? Check out this video for helpful tips and tricks for getting the job done right.

What system works best with vinyl flooring?

Are you looking for the best underfloor heating system to use with vinyl flooring? Read more here for our top recommendation.

How do Floor Heating Systems Work?

Learn more about the basics of how underfloor heating works.

How do I test my heating cable(s)?

Warmup recommends testing your underfloor heating cables before, during, and after installation. Follow along with this post for support.

Comment tester mon (mes) câble(s) chauffant(s) ?

Warmup recommande de tester vos câbles de chauffage par le sol avant, pendant et après l’installation. Suivez ce post pour obtenir du soutien.

What gauge wire should be used?

Are you looking for gauge recommendations for a Warmup installation? Find the information you need here to help guide you to the right decision.

Calculating Heat Loss: How many BTU’s are in a watt?

Are you looking to offset heat loss in your home with a Warmup system? This conversion and information will be important for you.

How to Check the Resistance Readings of your Electric Floor Heating System

If you purchased a Digital Multimeter from Warmup you will have 2 connectors. Please make sure that the contacts that will be plugged into the multi-meter are properly exposed.

Can I Install a Warmup System Under Carpet Tiles?

The Warmup DCM-PRO or StickyMat system may be used under carpet tiles as long as it is embedded in latex based modified polymer self-leveling compound prior to the installation of the carpet tiles. 

How do I test my system using a Megger (Mega-Ohmmeter)?

The megger is used as a quality control measure to test the insulation resistance to detect any fault in the heater cable jacket. Such leaks cannot be spotted with a regular ohmmeter and help spot any damage to the cable and cable jacket.

Is GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) Required for Bathrooms?

Thermostats with an internal GFCI including the Warmup 4iE and WUDG will fulfill this requirement. If a non-GFCI thermostat like our Tempo thermostat is being used, a GFCI breaker will be required. Consult with your local electrician to make sure your installation is properly protected and meets National and Local Electrical Code.

Can I Install my Floor Heat over an Existing Sheet of Vinyl Floor?

If using a DCM-PRO membrane, scrape/scratch and prime the vinyl to ensure bonding with a highly modified thinset and install the membrane directly to it.

Can you Heat under Glass Mosaic Tiles?

Yes you can heat under glass tiles. The thin-set holds the heat. The glass (silicon) isn’t a very good conductor but the thin-set does the work.

Can the cold tail lead of your Warmup indoor heating system be extended?

This page explains how to extend your lead wire or connect your heater to a thermostat in a remote location.

Can the lead of your Warmup heating system be trimmed?

This page will give you pointers about trimming your cold lead to fit easier in the conduit and electrical box.

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