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Can I install a towel warmer bar vertically?

Warmup recommends towel warmers to be installed horizontal only. Towel warmer bars are designed to evenly distribute heat across the entire surface of the towel. Towel bars work most efficiently when towels are hung flat against them. Hanging a towel vertically reduces the surface area of the towel that’s in contact with the bar, which means it will take longer for the towel to warm up, and you might not get the desired warmth. When you hang a towel vertically, only a small portion of the towel comes into contact with the bar, resulting in uneven heating. In addition, towel bars are designed and tested to be installed horizontally, according to our installation manual. Installing them vertically could potentially compromise their structural integrity and safety.

How do I wire a single towel warmer bar?

In order to wire a single towel warmer to code, you must follow the installation manual and/or video below. In addition, you must follow Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ).

Below are the materials that you will need for your installation:

M10-1 – 10mm Tap
Undercounter Connectors
3/8″ Flexible Metal Conduit (Alt: 6′ 3/8″ whip and remove the wire)
3/8″ Conduit Connector
2″ x 4″ Metal Junction Box with 3/8″ Knockouts

What are the dimensions of Warmup towel warmers?

Wondering what the dimensions are of Warmup towel warmers as you prepare for your project? Find the information you need here.

Is there a video guide for installing a towel warmer?

If you are installing a Warmup towel warmer you may be interested in seeing an installation video. Click here fora video with tips and tricks.

Can towel warmer temperature be adjusted?

Warmup offers a wide range of towel warmers that opperate as ON or OFF with no specific temperature setting.

Do towel warmers require any maintenance?

If you are investing in a Warmup towel warmer you may be wondering if maintance will be required. Learn more here about this topic.

How do you install Warmup Liberty single bar towel warmers?

Are you looking for some help installing the Warmup Liberty single bar towel warmers? Find useful information here to follow along with.

How Do I Mount a Warmup Towel Warmer?

This post explains how to mount and position your Towel Warmer properly in your space.

Do I need to connect my Towel Warmer to a thermostat?

This page explains the different circumstances in which you might wire your Towel Warmer to a switch or to a thermostat.

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