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Can multiple relays be used?

Do you have a large project that you’d like to use multiple relays for? Learn more about connecting more than one relay in this post.

How do I test a floor probe?

If you believe that your floor probe readings are inaccurate or if you are getting an ER1 message, you may want to test your floor probe. Learn how-to here.

How do I change the probe setting on my Tempo thermostat?

If you have a Tempo thermostat there is an air probe and floor probe. If you would like to change the probe you are operating off of you can learn how here.

What Does the Error Message on my Tempo Mean?

If you see the floor sensor error icon on the screen it means that your thermostat has been unable to detect the temperature of the floor. Please contact Warmup.

How do I Mount my Tempo Thermostat?

The thermostat should be installed inside a square 4”x4” back box with a single mud ring mounted horizontally (also called plaster ring).

How Do I Wire my Tempo Thermostat?

Wiring your Tempo thermostat is simple and straightforward. 

How-to: Programming Your Tempo Thermostat

Programming your Warmup Tempo thermostat.

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