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The Warmup DCM-PRO Cable is a custom designed cable compatible with all uncoupling membranes. It can be installed at 2, 3 or 4 pegs. The cable itself allows primary heating thanks to the twin-core ETFE cable, for highest output. It is guaranteed 30-years. Even better results when used with Warmup 4iE Smart WiFi programmable thermostat.

Can I cross floor heating cables?

You should never cross underfloor heating cables. This post will link you to some solutions for avoiding heating cable crossing.

How many packages of fixing strips do I need?

Are you installing the DCM-PRO cable without the DCM-PRO membrane? You will need fixing strips. This post tells you how many for each cable size.

Can I have a technician come to my home?

Are you looking for troubleshooting support at your home? We are here to help online and by phone 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Can you wire floor heat for 120 or 240 volt?

Warmup thermostats are dual-voltage but must be wired to match the heaters voltage. Learn more about voltage and thermostat wiring in this post.

How long after flooring installation should we wait to use the heat?

Are you wondering how long after installation you have to wait to begin using your floor heating system? Learn all about wait time in this post.

How does the infrared thermal camera work?

Are you experiencing uncertainty with your underfloor heating and looking to get answers? An infrared thermal camera may be the tool you need.

Can floor heating be used as a primary heat source?

Are you wondering whether or not underfloor heating can deliver enough heat to be a primary heat source? Learn all about it here!

Are there any special instruction for installing small format tiles?

If you are installing small format tiles over the DCM-PRO system you’ll want to read this post to find special instructions.

What is the diameter of the DCM-PRO cable?

If you are installing the DCM-PRO cable in your home you may be wondering about the diameter of the cable? Find this information and more here.

Should I leave space between membrane sheets?

When installing sheets of Warmup membrane, you should try your best to install with no overlapping or large gaps.

How do I know which voltage to run to my DCM-PRO cables?

This page explains how to determine which voltage to run to your DCM-PRO heating system.

Where do I install the DCM-PRO Factory Joint?

This page explains the positioning of the factory joint to ensure a successful installation of your Warmup heating system.

How long is the cold lead on the DCM-PRO cable?

The conductor cores and ground braid of the 10′ cold lead are factory joined in a water resistant joint assembly to each supply conductor and ground conductor of the unheated lead.

Where do I run the cold lead and sensor probe during DCM-PRO installation?

The cold tail lead and the sensor probe should be run in separate conduits. This will prevent any interference from the cold tail lead affecting the temperature readings from the sensor probe.

What is the DCM-PRO cable made of?

This page describes the composition of the DCM-PRO cable and the different components that make up this heating system.

What is the correct DCM-PRO cable spacing?

This page explains the DCM-PRO spacing guidelines and recommendations.

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