WSM-252W Smart WiFi Panel

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How much accumulation can a snow melting system handle?

Are you wondering how much snow fall a snow melting system can handle? Read more about snow melting technology here.

What are the differences between the old WSM version (before 2020) and the new?

The functionalities are identical, but the second version has a different WiFi chip that offers a better range.

Can I download the application manual ?

If you have a WSM-252W and need the installation manual, you can download a copy here.

Can I delete a WSM in the application?

If you’ve added a WSM in the app that you’d like to remove you can find instructions here for how to do so.

What should I do if I change my WiFi settings at home and my WSM is not online anymore?

If your WSM has lost internet connection you can read more here on how to get it back up and running.

I can’t add a new WSM in the app

Are you having issues connecting your WSM-252W to WiFi? Read here to find a solution.

Can I reset my password?

Are you looking to reset your password on the WSM-252W? Read more here.

How do I connect my WSM-252W to WiFi?

Looking for help connecting your WSM-252W to WiFi? Follow along here for support.

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