ETO2 Snow and Ice Melting Controller

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Using readings from temperature and moisture sensors, the ETO2 ensures economical control of power consumption while keeping outdoor areas and roofs free of ice and snow. A moisture sensor is installed in the ground surface or placed in the gutter. As soon as moisture and low temperature is detected, the ETO2 activates the snow-melting system.

How do I wire my snowmelt system to the ETO2?

This page describes the ETO2 Controller and how it requires the installer to wire an external relay to connect the heaters/load to operate.

How do I Mount my ETO2 Controller?

So either the installer puts a DIN rail on the wall or cabinet, or they can utilize the four mounting holes in the corners of the housing and screw it to a surface.

Which snow melting controller is best for me: DS2, DS5, DS8 or ET02?

We have provided you with details that will help you choose the right controller for your needs.  Click “Read More” for vital information.

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