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Foil mats are specifically designed for use without thin-set or adhesives under carpet, laminates and floating floors. Come with a 10-Year warranty.

What are the electrical requirements for my Warmup system?

Please verify that the circuit can handle the amount of amperage your heating system requires. Your thermostat can only handle up to 15 amps so if you are connecting multiple heaters to one thermostat location, you may need to use a relay and a larger breaker. Your or your electrician can find out the amperage rating of your specific floor heating system in installation manual or printed on the box. Note: Just because the Warmup thermostats are dual voltage, this does not mean you can supply any voltage to your heating system. You must supply the voltage supplied to the voltage of your specific heater.

What to do when Installing FOIL on a Concrete Slab ?

Click “Read More” or more information about installing on a concrete slab.

Installing the FOIL System Under Carpet

We have outlined some important reminders to ensure proper functioning of your Foil Floor Heating System.  Click “Read More” for details.

Installing the Sensor Probe

It is vital that the floor heating thermostat’s floor probe was not only installed but done so the right way.  Click “Read More” for details. Make sure that the sensor probe is installed underneath the mat and placed equidistant BETWEEN two runs of heater wire.

Is There Enough Power Being Supplied to Operate the System?

Follow these suggestions related to your power source to ensure excellent performance of your floor heating system.  Click “Read More” to learn what to do.

General installation notes for the Foil Heating System

“Draw an installation plan showing the placement of the mats, floor sensor, and lead wire(s) to the thermostat. The Warmup Foil heating system should be at least 6″” away from walls for laminate and 12″” away for carpet. “

Connecting Your Foil Heating System

For tips for connecting and programming your system click “Read More”.

Foil Floor Heating Installation video

See for yourself how easy installing our foil heating systems are.  Click here for the installation video.

What is the maximum heating temperature for the FOIL system?

Are you using the Warmup FOIL system and wondering what the maximum heating temperature is? This post gives you the information you’re looking for.

Can carpet pad be glued down?

If you are installing underfloor heating under carpet you may be wondering if you can glue down the carpet pad or not. The answer is yes.

Can carpet on top of floor heat be cleaned?

Are you wondering if carpet can be cleaned once installed over underfloor heating? Find the answer to your question here.

How thick is the foil?

If you are planning an underfloor heating project you are probably wondering about product thickness. Learn more about how thick the foil product is here.

What system works best with laminate flooring?

Are you looking to heat under laminate flooring? Read more here about our recommended system under laminate.

What is a foil electric floor heating system?

Learn more here about what a foil electric floor heating system is and what applications it is best suited for.

Can you feel FOIL under carpet?

If you are installing the FOIL product under carpet you may be wondering if you can feel the product through the carpet. Good question! Learn more here.

Can you hear FOIL under carpet?

If you are installing the FOIL product under carpet you may be wondering if you can hear the product. Great question! Learn more here.

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