How do I wire a single towel warmer bar?

In order to wire a single towel warmer to code, you must follow the installation manual and/or video below. In addition, you must follow Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ).

Below are the materials that you will need for your installation:

M10-1 – 10mm Tap
Undercounter Connectors
3/8″ Flexible Metal Conduit (Alt: 6′ 3/8″ whip and remove the wire)
3/8″ Conduit Connector
2″ x 4″ Metal Junction Box with 3/8″ Knockouts

Does the SNOPRO-100 require a high-limit sensor?

The function of the high-limit sensor to monitor the slab temperature and protect the system against thermal runaway. Therefore, “YES”, both versions of the SNOPRO-100 require the high-limit sensors to be wired  to terminals 10 & 11 in the controller, either by the high-limit sensor that is included in both SNOPRO-100 or by putting in a 470k resistor as outlined on page 11 of our manual. The high-limit sensor should be installed regardless of whether the SNOPRO-100 is used at a satellite or a stand-alone to protect against thermal runaway.

What if my thermostat screen is black and won’t turn on?

If your thermostat has no display and will not turn on when power button is pushed, the thermostat could be wired incorrectly. Click here for more details.

How many Mats or Amps can I connect to the CommBox?

The CommBox-600 is equipped with four (4) 50Amp 3-Phase relay contactors. This means that at 2-phase, you can connect up to 200 Amps worth of power, but at 3-phase, you can connect 150A per contactor. The relays are rated for 120-600 volts so the CommBox can be wired for 208, 277 and 480 using 3-Phase.

How do I wire my snowmelt system to the ETO2?

This page describes the ETO2 Controller and how it requires the installer to wire an external relay to connect the heaters/load to operate.

How do I wire my Relay-25?

This Relay-25 fits in a standard single gang box. It is used in conjunction with the 4iE® Smart thermostat series as well as the Tempo thermostat, in order to expand the original 15 amp capacity. It is specifically designed for large applications beyond 800 sqft.

Does the ASE snowmelt controller have built in GFCI?

No, the ASE series does not have built in GFCI. Please click “Read More” for details. 

Can I use the Commbox or Resibox with single phase electric?

The BOX system can be used with single-phase electric power. Click “Read More” for details.

Can I install a 120V mat on one leg of a double pole breaker?

There is no neutral leg on a double pole breaker and the polarity between the two sides does not match. This will cause the thermostat to trip and/or it will send too much voltage into a 120V heater.

Can I Have Another Thermostat as an Acting Relay?

When you have multiple floor heating systems being powered that require more than 15amps, you can use an additional 3iE as a relay as opposed to purchasing a separate generic relay which Warmup can supply.

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