How does the open window function on my Smart Thermostat work?

The open window function is a setting on your thermostat that will detect when a nearby window is open, letting in outside air and will adjust the temperature accordingly.

Can I install a towel warmer bar vertically?

Warmup recommends towel warmers to be installed horizontal only. Towel warmer bars are designed to evenly distribute heat across the entire surface of the towel. Towel bars work most efficiently when towels are hung flat against them. Hanging a towel vertically reduces the surface area of the towel that’s in contact with the bar, which means it will take longer for the towel to warm up, and you might not get the desired warmth. When you hang a towel vertically, only a small portion of the towel comes into contact with the bar, resulting in uneven heating. In addition, towel bars are designed and tested to be installed horizontally, according to our installation manual. Installing them vertically could potentially compromise their structural integrity and safety.

How do I wire a single towel warmer bar?

In order to wire a single towel warmer to code, you must follow the installation manual and/or video below. In addition, you must follow Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ).

Below are the materials that you will need for your installation:

M10-1 – 10mm Tap
Undercounter Connectors
3/8″ Flexible Metal Conduit (Alt: 6′ 3/8″ whip and remove the wire)
3/8″ Conduit Connector
2″ x 4″ Metal Junction Box with 3/8″ Knockouts

Check the Resistance Readings of your Electric Floor Heating System

If you purchased a Digital Multi-meter from Warmup you will have 2 connectors as shown below. Please make sure that the contacts that will be plugged into the multi-meter are properly exposed as illustrated below. It is possible that you may have to remove some of the sheathing from the connector ends to expose them enough to make the needed contact with the multi-meter in order to receive accurate readings.

What is a TDR Meter and how do I use it?

The TDR Meter is used to measure the distance to an existing fault in the wiring of your heating system. It sends an electrical pulse into the connected cable, traveling along the cable until it reaches the fault and then that pulse is sent back to the TDR. The time it took for that pulse to reach the fault and travel back is measured and converted to a distance reading that will appear on the TDR Meter.

Warmup Heating Cable Installed on a Roof – Layout example

Here is an example of how Warmup Heating Cable could be installed on a roof.

Specialized installation – under Nailed Hardwood

Floor heating can work under nailed hardwood as well.  Click “Read More” for detailed instructions to do it the right way.

Running Warmup De-Icing Heating Cable in a Downspout

This short video shows how to run Warmup De-Icing Heating Cable in a Downspout.

Programming your COMMBOX-600

The COMMBOX-600 is a “Plug and Play” controlled power distribution panel for frost protection, ice and snow melting projects. When receiving a signal from the sensor(s)m the contactors are activated, energizing your heating system. DIP switch settings determine how the zones activate. When programming your system, make sure DIP switch 1 is in the ON position. The program manual can be navigated by using the SELECT (+) to move forward or SELECT (-) to go back through settings.

How To Secure Roof Clips by Warmup

This short video by Warmup shows how to secure roof clips.

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