Office Space – Surrey, BC

Office Space with Heated Floors

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Surrey, British Columbia

◩ System specifications
  • DCM-PRO heating cable
  • DCM-PRO peel-and-stick membrane
  • 4iE Smart WiFi Thermostat
◩ Client

KM Roberts:- is a key player in introducing new building products to the market in British Columbia.

◩ Heating system

DCM-PRO System

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The Challenge

During a recent office renovation, KM Roberts owner Dave LeCappelain ventured to utilize many of the products they bring to the market as an agency. Warmup sees this as a success factor for many stores, offices, and showrooms as it gives our partners the best understanding of a product’s quality, installation ease, and benefits.

The Solution

Warmup’s DCM-PRO system was installed in 100 sqft of office space, including the Peel & Stick membrane solution on a slab. Dave reported it being a fantastically easy add-on to the office revamp and absolutely DIY-level, underscoring the ease of installation of the Peel & Stick membrane.

The Result

Since the bathroom is used by both staff and visitors, the underfloor heating acts as a job perk and a display all in one. The radiant heating in the room sets it apart from the rest of the office on a cold Vancouver day. For ideal control, a password protected 4iE WiFi thermostat controls the heat from any manager’s cell phone. Thanks to low electricity costs in the area, expected running costs will range around just $5/mo. Learn more about our Commercial Projects Division.

Product information

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