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How Much Does it Cost to Install or Replace a Thermostat?

Written by Warmup PLC on October 4th, 2022 | Installing a System

How much does it cost to install a thermostat? How much does it cost to replace a thermostat? These commonly asked questions depend on several variables; how much does a new thermostat cost? How expensive will the labor be? 

In this article, we will discuss the variables that affect thermostat installation and replacement costs, as well as several other considerations for working with underfloor heating thermostats.

5 Considerations for Thermostat Installation

The Thermostat Unit

Underfloor heating systems require special thermostats. So, how much does a thermostat cost? Well, that can depend on different factors.

Basic, programmable underfloor heating thermostats like Warmup’s RFT Thermostat cost around $160 and do not offer any smart capabilities.

More sophisticated thermostats, like the 6iE Smart WiFi Thermostat, cost around $280. High-end, smart thermostats provide all of the capabilities of their less sophisticated counterparts, as well as additional features like SmartGeo and Weather-based Early Start. These features allow the thermostat to intuitively regulate the heat based on local forecasts, turn the heat down when you leave the house and automatically turn the heat back up when you’re heading home. These smart capabilities can result in your heating system operating 40% more efficiently and can reduce your energy bill by up to 25%.


  • An electrician will cost, on average, $100 per hour.
  • Replacing your old underfloor heating thermostat with a new one should only take about an hour or less.
  • Installing a new underfloor heating thermostat where there previously was not one may require opening up walls to run wires from your heating mat to the thermostat and from your electrical panel to your thermostat. Depending on how much needs to be done, this could take anywhere from 1-8 hours.
  • If your project requires you to open up walls, you will also need to repair them. The repair process will include drywall patching and painting.
  • Both drywall and painting contractors typically charge between $3 and $8 per square foot of work. Most will have a minimum required fee.


If you are simply replacing an existing thermostat, you should not need to purchase any new wiring. However, if you plan on installing a new thermostat where there was not one, you will need to factor wiring materials into your thermostat installation cost. 

The wiring you need will depend on how far it is from the electrical panel to the thermostat and then from the thermostat down to the heating mat. 

12 gauge wire with a positive, a neutral, and ground is commonly referred to as 12/2 wire. This is standard for most of your 120v uses. The typical price for this wire is $0.60 per foot, and it comes in pre-packaged rolls ranging from 15’-250′. 

Wall Material

The material that your wall is made out of can impact your thermostat installation cost. Most walls in residential homes are covered with a layer of drywall and can be drilled, cut, patched, and painted fairly simply. Drywall is not the only wall material that exists, though.

For example, log cabin homes can be much more difficult to run electrical wiring through. Stone veneer walls are very popular in some areas, and you may require a stone mason to patch and repair a wall. 

Whatever your wall is made of, keep in mind that you may need to keep some extra room in your budget for wall repair.

Average Costs for Thermostat Installation

Average underfloor heating thermostat installation costs are dependent on several factors:

  • How much does your new thermostat cost?
  • How much wiring do you need/how many hours do you need an electrician?
  • What is your wall material? How much of your walls do you need to open up? How much repair work will there be afterward?

Adding these factors should give you a rough idea of your thermostat installation cost.

Average Costs of Thermostat Replacement

Calculating the average thermostat replacement cost is considerably more straightforward than for new installations: 

  • The average cost of an underfloor heating thermostat: $200
  • Average labor cost to replace your old thermostat: $100
  • Total average thermostat replacement cost: $300

Save on Annual Energy Costs with Smart Technology

Whether you’re installing a new smart thermostat with your new radiant floor or replacing your old thermostat with something more modern, choosing a thermostat with smart technology can save you money on your energy bill. 

Products like the 6iE Smart WiFi Thermostat utilize SmartGeo technology to turn the heat down while you’re away and back up when you’re on your way home. Weather-based Early Start technology uses local weather forecasts to turn the heat on at the perfect moment, to reduce your heating system’s energy use.

These innovative features found throughout Warmup’s lineup of smart thermostats can yield a 40% decrease in your energy use while saving you up to 25% on your energy bill. With savings like that, it’s no surprise that Warmup is the world’s best-selling floor heating brand.

With more than 25 years of experience and over 2.5 million systems sold worldwide, Warmup’s array of underfloor heating products, thermostats, and snow-melting systems have been time-tested and proven to be among the best in the world. 

Check out the full lineup of Warmup products, or contact our customer service department for around-the-clock answers to your questions. Go ahead, save yourself some money this winter!


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