27th St & Queens Plaza S

27th St & Queens Plaza S in New York

27th St & Queens Plaza S – Long Island City, NY

◩ Project type


◩ Project location

Long Island City, New York

◩ System specifications

Heating Mats

4iE-03 Thermostats

◩ Client

Situated at 42-10 27th Street, the tower is being developed by the ever-growing-in-ambition New York Lions Group.

◩ Heating system

Electric Underfloor Heating

◩ Project size

Main Lobby and Perimeter of Every Floor

27th St & Queens Plaza S in New York

The Challenge

Providing a solution to offset heat loss created by window areas and perimeter walls whilst also supplying a floor heating system to be installed throughout the main lobby.

The Solution

Warmup designed and supplied custom size electric floor heating mats to be installed around the perimeter of each floor and throughout the entire main lobby.

The Result

The lobby had custom mats installed in the floor creating a comfortable high-end luxurious feel in the main lobby. The additional floors had heat losses offset by the Warmup mats installed around the perimeter of each room creating a more comfortable environment for its future residents.

Product information

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