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At What Temperature Should You Set a Thermostat in Winter?

Written by Warmup PLC on November 15th, 2022 | Money & Energy Saving Tips

Winter is the time of year known for the holidays, spending valuable time with loved ones, and staying inside where it’s warm and cozy. Of course, with energy costs hitting record highs, it’s also a time of year when you have to think about your wallet.

Knowing what temperature to set your thermostat to without sacrificing comfort is more important than ever. So, during this season of giving, give yourself the most incredible gifts possible – a low energy bill and a warm, cozy home. As surprising as it might be, this is possible with the innovative heating solutions provided by Warmup.

The Ideal Room Temperature During Winter

Before we jump into Warmup’s selection of cost-effective and energy-efficient heating solutions, let’s start by answering an age-old question. What temperature should you set your thermostat to in winter?

To answer this, you need to consider a few different factors. Experts agree that the ideal room temperature during the winter without raising energy costs is 68 degrees Fahrenheit. However, many people prefer to set their thermostats at 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

A good rule of thumb to remember is the cost of a thermostat adjustment of one degree is about three percent of your total energy bill. This means that for every degree you raise the thermostat, you can expect to see corresponding savings on your energy bill of about 3 percent. For example, a winter energy bill that is typical $75 per month would be $79.31 due to the cost of raising the heater one degree warmer. 

It’s worth noting that raising the thermostat 1 degree isn’t always exactly 3 percent. The actual price you’ll pay for the extra heating can be impacted by many variables, including your HVAC system’s energy efficiency, insulation, and outdoor temperature extremes.

That’s about as low as you can go to preserve comfort without hiking up your electricity costs, but is that ideal for a home with a heat pump? Plus, there are other factors you have to consider when choosing the ideal room temperature, like the placement of your thermostat.

The Importance of Thermostat Placement

It may surprise you, but thermostat placement is critical to the effectiveness of indoor heating. Contrary to popular belief, thermostats don’t gauge the temperature throughout your home.

As any homeowner knows, the temperature fluctuates depending on the room, your proximity to windows and doors, and how well your home is insulated. That’s why experts suggest that the best place for a thermostat is in a room that is both central to your home and frequently used.

Do You Need a Smart Thermostat?

If you have a smart thermostat, you won’t have to worry about thermostat placement. Thanks to the innovation of indoor heating technology, many smart thermostats can check and maintain the temperature in all rooms of your home at once.

Not to mention, smart thermostats are incredibly energy-efficient and proven to help lower energy costs. If you’re wondering whether you should get a smart thermostat for your home, we highly recommend it. In fact, check out Warmup’s extensive line of smart thermostats, including the 6iE Smart Thermostat, the Terra WiFi Thermostat, and the 4iE Non-WiFi Smart Thermostat. 

Tips for Saving Money and Energy During Winter Heating

To save money on energy costs this winter, you have to do much more than turn down your thermostat. Here are five tips for reducing your electricity bill this winter:

  1. Open your curtains and let the sunlight inside. Sunlight provides natural heat that you can use to heat your home.
  2. Close your curtains at night. This will further insulate your windows, by reducing the amount of cold transference and allowing all the heat generated throughout the day to stay inside where it belongs.
  3. Turn your thermostat below comfortable levels when you aren’t home. Though you don’t want it to get too cold, you don’t need it as warm in your home when you aren’t there (unless you have pets).
  4. Invest in a smart thermostat that can be programmed to conserve energy and reduce electricity costs.
  5. Explore more cost-effective alternative heating, like radiant floor heating, towel warmers, and more!

The Most Effective Heating Solutions for Winter

For the most effective heating solutions for winter, look no further than Warmup’s wide selection of heating products. We have everything you might need, from heated driveways and roof deicing to towel warmers and radiant floors.

When heating the floor we recommend turning the temperature up to 80-86 for ideal comfort. Although higher than we are use to, due to the nature of the system you will only be heating the materials in the room which will retain heat long after the system has stopped drawing electricity.

Heated Driveway Systems

Heated driveway systems are a revolutionary way to keep ice and snow off of your driveways. This product eliminates the danger of slipping and falling when you get out of your car and the need to plow snow every morning before work. Your driveway will be safer than ever.

Towel Warmers

There’s nothing quite like wrapping yourself in a warm towel after a shower or bath. Plus, towel warmers have the added benefit of providing low-cost heat to your bathroom. Check out Warmup’s extensive line of towel warmers and change how you think about bathroom heating.

Radiant Floor Heating

Radiant heating has quickly become one of the market’s most effective and affordable heating solutions. It can be connected to your smart thermostat and provides heating that costs significantly less than conventional heating options.

Roof Deicing Systems

Don’t let your roof fall victim to snow and ice buildup. Not only will this cause significant damage to your roof, but it can also contribute to higher energy costs. Our roof deicing and gutter heating systems are an effective way to reduce energy costs during the winter and protect your home from catastrophic damage.

Choose Radiant Heating for a More Comfortable Winter

Don’t fall victim to the heating trap that many homeowners fall into. There are many cost-effective alternatives to heating your home that won’t drain your budget, and one of the best on the market is radiant heating.

Warmup has over 25 years of experience creating high-quality heating solutions with projects in over 70 countries worldwide. 

Contact us today to learn how to save money on electricity without sacrificing your comfort!


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