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Electric Towel Warmers for Bathrooms: Unique Designs and Installation Tips

Written by Warmup PLC on December 12th, 2022 | Uncategorized

Towel warmers are on the cutting edge of new bathroom technology, and why not? There’s nothing better than wrapping yourself in a warm, cozy towel after a refreshing shower. Warmup’s towel warmers are the market’s best, they are energy-efficient, water-free designs that are reliable, durable, and maintenance-free.

Along with every new technology comes a lot of questions. For example, are they DIY-friendly, or will you have to hire a contractor to install them? Also, since they come in various shapes, styles, and sizes, which towel warmer design is right for your bathroom?

We’ll cover all this and more as we discuss installing electric towel warmers and offer unique towel warmer designs to complement your bathroom’s aesthetic.

How to Install Electric Towel Warmers in Bathrooms

Installing an electric towel warmer in your bathroom is easier than you might think. Every product comes with an easy-to-follow installation guide, and if you take the time to follow the directions, you shouldn’t have any issues. Even so, here’s a comprehensive guide to installing electric towel warmers in bathrooms.

Step 1. Buy Your Towel Warmer

First off, you should shop for your towel warmer. Whether you’re looking for rounded single-bar rails or a 10-bar ladder towel warmer, Warmup has a wide array of design options. Choose the towel warmer that fits your bathroom aesthetic and will provide enough space to thoroughly warm your towels.

Step 2. Unpack and Organize the Parts and Installation Guide

Once your towel warmer arrives, it’s time to unpack and organize the parts and pieces into easy, manageable sections. If it helps, you can organize them into sections, using small storage containers to hold screws and tools so nothing gets lost. Proper organization will make the installation process much more manageable.

Step 3. Break Down the Shipping Box

You’ll need to assemble the towel warmer on a flat surface. Luckily, you can use the box that the towel warmer came in for this purpose. Break down the box until it’s perfectly flat, and then lay all of the parts on top to begin assembly.

Step 4. Assemble Your Towel Warmer

Now that you have everything unpacked and a flat surface to work on, you’re ready to begin the assembly. Follow the instructions step-by-step in the installation guide provided. The steps are clearly marked, understandable, and easy to follow, so you shouldn’t run into any problems.

Step 5. Mount Your Towel Warmer

Once your towel warmer is assembled, it’s time to mount your towel warmer on the wall. This is the most complex part of the installation process because it requires hardwiring the towel warmer into a light switch. If you don’t have firsthand experience in this field, we highly recommend consulting a licensed electrician for this part of the installation.

Step 6. You’re Finished!

Once your towel warmer is fastened to the wall and wired to your light switch, you’re good to go! Drape your towel over the bars, flip the switch, and revolutionize your bathing experience.

6 Unique Electric Towel Warmer Designs

Having trouble choosing a towel warmer for your home? Well, now that you understand how to install towel warmers, it’s time to discuss the different types and styles of towel warmers available on the market. Here are six unique electric towel warmers to inspire your bathroom’s design:

1. 6-Bar Ladder Towel Warmer

The 6-bar ladder towel warmer is a classic design that works for almost any bathroom aesthetic. The multiple bars provide several places to hang your towels and six points of radiant heat. This design will create more heat than those with fewer bars or rails.

2. Rounded Single-Bar Towel Rails

The rounded single-bar towel rails are a modern take on the towel rack. As shown in the picture above, you can purchase several single bars and place them together however you like. This is an excellent option for those that want a modern style rather than the normal ladder formation.

3. Swirl Design

This swirl design is the perfect towel warmer for any homeowner who values a sense of whimsy and fun. It’s not only a functional and practical part of your bathroom, but it also creates intrigue.

4. Zigzag Design

The zigzag design is similar to the swirl design, though less showy. It offers the same benefits as the 6-bar ladder towel warmer but with fewer bars and a more complex and whimsical design.

5. Square Single-Bar Towel Rails 

The square single-bar towel rails are similar to the rounded single-bar towel rails in function, but have a more contemporary edge.

6. 10-Bar Ladder Towel Warmer

Finally, the 10-bar ladder towel warmer is the plus-sized version of the 6-bar ladder towel warmer. If you’re looking for a classic design but want a more prominent feature with more places to warm towels, the 10-bar option would be perfect.

Is an Electric Bathroom Towel Warmer a Good Choice for Your Home?

If you value comfort and coziness and want an easy-to-install towel warmer that is durable, reliable, and energy-efficient, you’ve come to the right place. At Warmup, we have over 25 years of experience crafting high-quality, game-changing radiant heating products in over 70 countries worldwide.

Contact us today for more information, or find a local retailer near you!


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