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The Hottest Home Interior Trend of the Season 2016

Written by Warmup Inc on May 25th, 2016 | News
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From the exotic prints and colorful vibes of the tropical trend to the laid-back cool and effortless ease of Scandinavian style, there’s something to suit every home this season. Whether you’re looking to entirely overhaul your interior for Spring/Summer 2016 – or you’re simply looking to update your existing style, we’ve highlighted the big home interior trend hitters for the coming season.

Providing you with a solid starting point for each interior trend, our key tips will see you through the season in style.


If you like the simplicity of the Scandi style but are looking for something a little cozier, going coastal could be your perfect match. Keep a clean color palette that makes use of just a few, select colors; neutrals such as white and grey work best, leaving just enough room for subtle accents of pale blue tones and brass finishes.

Opt for plain, whitewashed walls that reflect life by the sea and choose dove greys and soft blues for your textiles and seating. This cool palette will leave you feeling naturally cool in the summer months – but also lends itself well to chillier nights, thanks to cozy furnishings, snuggly textiles, and underfloor heating. What’s more, thanks to the neutral color palette of this minimalistic style, any existing colors that you have in your home can be incorporated – without losing the impact of the trend or resulting in color overload. It also means that, when the cooler months come around again, a few simple tweaks will see you through next season just as stylishly. Cosiness and functionality really are key for a true coastal style; the interior of your room should be completely livable, not just good to look at.

Worried that a neutral color palette will leave your room looking boring? No problem! Experiment with textures and height (lamps on the floor and plants hanging from the ceiling, anyone?), as well as incorporating natural materials, such as driftwood – a key coastal element – along with industrial finishes, such as brass, copper and rose gold.


It’s hard to miss the impact that tropical prints have had on home interiors as of late; from leaf prints to pineapples, there’s a definite feel of the tropics for Spring/Summer 2016. Perfect for the warmer months but just as accessible on those colder evenings too, the tropical trend has a strong color palette of vivid green hues with the occasional dash of orange and yellow to warm it up.

One of the most effective yet easiest ways to take on the tropics is with a leaf print. If you really want to make a statement, opt for a bold wallpaper with vivid green leaves and make this the focal point of the room by using it on one wall only. If you’re not quite ready to make such an investment in the style, try taking a small sample of that wallpaper and framing it. The result? Original artwork that’s bang on trend.

If you’re looking for a less permanent way to incorporate the tropical trend into your home, make use of cushion covers with a bold print or quirky trinkets that make a statement. Pineapple candle holder, anyone?


A slightly more muted take on the tropical trend, SS16 will see a huge rise in popularity for the humble houseplant. A brief look on Pinterest or Instagram will leave you in no doubt that incorporating more greenery into your home decor is most definitely the trend du jour.

Low maintenance and long-lasting, the humble cactus is the go-to for laid-back cool with an edge. Keep the look simple and understated with a basic, ceramic pot and let the needles do the talking. Consider housing a few different cacti together; there is a huge range available – all of which varying in size, color and style – so mix it up to create a focal point that’s as original as your home.

Much easier to install than you might think, hanging plants are another way to add dimension and interest to your room with minimal effort. As this trend grows in popularity, so does the range of hangers available – from glass planters to rope carriers and everything in-between. Why not install one or two at varying heights to add further depth to your décor?


With its laid-back cool and effortless ease, it’s clear to see why the Scandinavian trend continues to be the biggest hitter for home decor in Spring/Summer 16. Its clean lines, whitewashes and relaxed Nordic roots lend themselves perfectly to a home that’s looking for a summer update, without any major or costly overhaul.

Likely to be your biggest yet most underused canvas, your floor is the place to start when it comes to incorporating Scandinavian style into your interior. It’s also a great way to make a big impact without changing lots of other aspects of your room. Nordic style means minimalism, beautiful clean lines. Therefore cumbersome, bulky radiators that take away from the clean Nordic finish of the room do not make sense to Scandinavians. They instead, opt for underfloor heating. Not only does this maintain the clean, minimalist style, but it also ensures that your room (and those in it) benefit from radiant heating, rather than convection heating.

Convection heating is a method used with radiators whereby heated air rises to the ceiling. Radiators result in an inconsistent temperature throughout the room, with areas closer to the radiator being warmer than those at a distance. Underfloor heating in contrast to radiators offers a more even distribution of heat by warming the floor directly. It’s what keeps the toes of the Nordics warm. And from the style aspect of things, no bulky radiators on the walls. A radiator-free room with no restrictions on where to place furniture gives full freedom for decorating, and with underfloor heating, you can decorate the space exactly how you want to.

Additional benefits of using underfloor heating instead of convection heating are that in contrast to the general perception, underfloor heating is less expensive and saves you on your energy bills. Underfloor heating solutions are available as electric and hydronic systems depending on your preference for a heating solution. Problem with radiators is that by heating up the area around them, the air gets quickly stuffy and feels uncomfortably overheated. Next move is to open the windows to let fresh air in. This causes energy loss, and as a result – increase in heating bills. Underfloor heating that works in the radiant heating basis, keeps you warm without causing the air to overheat – minimizing any energy loss.

A minimalist home is achievable for everyone. It starts with planning and cleaning away all the extra stuff you actually do not need. Underfloor heating gives you the freedom to decorate and build your own minimalist home. With our quote tool, you can find out how much underfloor heating would cost for you.

As with any interior trend, it’s important to be true to your own personal style and not opt for something simply because it’s in fashion. Take elements from the trends that inspire you most and incorporate them into your home in a way that’s most personal and meaningful to you.


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