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7 Tips for a Successful Heating Mat Installation

Written by Warmup Inc on March 27th, 2017 | Electric Floor Heating Installation

Heated floors are an excellent addition to any home for comfort and practicality. Warmup in-floor heating systems are able to be the primary heat source for any room. When installing a heated floor, there are a few tips to make the installation simple and straightforward.

Tip 1: Make a Plan
First, measure the entire space you plan to heat. This should include all permanent fixtures. Warmup has an estimating department that will provide a quote and a layout for the mat system they recommend. Use this layout as a guide while installing.

Tip 2: Make Sure to Read the Directions
Once Warmup provides you with a quote, visit the website to familiarize yourself with the installation videos, product specifications, requirements and the installation manuals.

Step 3: Test, Test  and Test Again using a multimeter
When you receive your product, test the wires and confirm the resistance is within 15% of the ohm reading on the box. If the reading is anything outside of this range, call the Warmup technical department. During the installation, you should continuously check the resistance of the wire to make sure it hasn’t changed. Warmup offers a multimeter to help with checking the wires for damage. If the ohm reading changes, stop immediately and call Warmup to ask about the safety net guarantee. Remember to submit your warranty information to Warmup.

Tip 4: Install With Heater Wires Facing Down
Install with the mesh side up. The mesh acts as another layer of protection for your heating system to prevent any damage during the installation process. Installing wire side down has no effect on the efficiency or functionality of the system.

Tip 5: Use a Plastic Trowel
To avoid any nicks in the heater, use a plastic trowel as a preventive measure when tiling. Any nicks in the wire can lead to a damaged system that will need repairing.

Tip 6: Install a Backup Sensor Probe
Install an extra sensor probe as a backup. If the probe is faulty or stops working for any reason, connect the backup in its place.

Tip 7: Place the Factory Joint in the Floor
Install the factory joint in the floor. Completely embed the joint in thin set and tile to ensure the longevity of the cable.

Installing your floor heating system can be easy. Keep it simple by following the above tips for a stress-free and problem-free installation every time.


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