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How Energy Efficient Is Underfloor Heating?

Written by Warmup Inc on March 12th, 2015 | Improving the Efficiency of Your Home
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Underfloor heating adds unrivalled comfort to any home and can be very efficient in use due to precise room temperature control and the type of heat that the system produces.


Underfloor heating creates radiant heat which is distributed evenly. Underfloor heating heats a room evenly from the floor up without overheating, saving up to 15% on the average annual heating bill. Underfloor heating turns the entire floor surface into a radiant heater heating creating a comfortable overall room temperature. Whereas radiators distribute heat unevenly creating hot and cold spots in a room, underfloor heating provides even heat distribution meaning that the system has to run for a shorter period of time, saving energy, to obtain the same level of comfort.


To fully benefit from the energy efficiency achieved with an underfloor heating system, it is important that insulation has been thought of. Energy efficient heating systems are best achieved when sufficient levels of insulation are in place so as with any system, good insulation means efficient running costs. You should not only insulate the subfloor where the system is installed to ensure low heat loss and that all heat produced is used efficiently to heat a room.


Taking control of the heating settings and programming an underfloor heating system to heat a room only when desired is key in achieving an energy efficient heating system. By utilising all the functionality of the thermostats available in the market today, you can save hundreds of pounds in your heating bills. The Warmup 4iE Smart WiFi Thermostat, for example, can save you up to £200 in your heating bills by optimising your temperature settings.


According to the UK Government study, Housing Fact File 2012, home heating accounts for 61% of average energy consumption. Underfloor heating can save up to 15% on heating bills as it operates at a lower temperature. Additionally, there is less heat loss through “transfer pipes” and less overheating of the room. The system provides even heat throughout the room and has the ability to be controlled per zone, i.e. heating on only when required (per zone) by a having programmable thermostat per zone.

The explanation of the 15% saving is achieved through a combination of the above concepts and tests conducted in our EN442-2 test facility in Germany.


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