outdoor snowmelting and de-icing systems

Snow Melting and De-icing Systems

Increase safety and convenience in your home or business with a Warmup Snow Melting System! Whether your heating needs are on the ground or on the roof, we have the materials you need to stay above freezing.

snow melting cable mat on pavement

Snow Melting Cables

Snow melting systems are becoming increasingly more popular in North America. Environmentalists are especially keen on using this solution to prevent snow and ice to build-up on stairs, driveways, walkways etc., as it avoids the use of chemicals or pollutants.

WSM-63 heated driveway control

Snow Melting and De-Icing Controls

Leave all of the work to your snow and ice melting controls after installation! Our automatic controls do not only save energy and lower operating costs, but they also make our system effortless to use thanks to the powerful and smart temperature and moisture sensors built in.

black Self Regulating cable

Self-Regulating Cables

Self-regulating cables melt snow and ice to prevent ice dams. By heating the roof line, gutter, and downspouts of your home with self-regulating cable you can prevent potential ice dam damage to the ceiling, insulation, and walls of your home.

pipe freeze protection cable on pipe

Pipe Freeze Protection

Designed to keep pipes flowing, our electric self-regulating cable gives peace of mind to home and business owners who fear bursting pipes on the coldest winter days. Warmup freeze protection electric cables can be applied to pipes (PVC and metal), ducts and water lines.

snowy driveway with melted path

Benefits of Snowmelting System

Added Value

Warmup’s Snow Melting Systems are more cost effective in the long run than continual salting and can extend the life of roofs, pipes and pavement. Our systems are also an excellent investment that can raise the value of a home.

No Mechanical Room Needed

There is no need to dedicate space in the home or garage for equipment. The system uses a small wall mounted temperature controller and a pavement/roof mounted sensor.

Easy to Use

Once installed and set-up by a qualified installer, the systems will provide a consistent, automatic outdoor heating solution; operating while the user is asleep, at work or away from home for an extended period of time.


The Snowmelt Systems use a system-specific heating controller which senses precipitation and freezing temperatures. These controllers ensure the system is only active during useful periods and reduces wasteful energy consumption.

Warmup 8P heated driveway controller

Outdoor Heating Controllers

Warmup provide a range of temperature controllers and sensors to accurately control and maximise on the energy efficiency of a Snowmelting System.

The controller’s sensor will be activated only when the outdoor temperature is below a selected setting and snow or ice occurs. When sensing moisture and low ground temperature, the controller will start working automatically.

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