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Quick Guide to Underfloor Heating Costs

Written by Warmup Inc on September 24th, 2014 | Underfloor Heating Cost

Underfloor heating costs depend on the room size, insulation and the type of system you choose to get. There are a variety of benefits associated with both wet (hydronic) and dry (electric) systems, including comfort, improved energy efficiency and savings on heating bills.

We have prepared this quick guide for you to help you with understanding the cost of getting underfloor heating.


With the 2 types of systems available, the initial cost of getting the heating system depends on which one you are choosing.

The wet system is embedded in the structural sub-floor and electric system is fitted beneath flooring. The type of project (new build vs renovation) usually determines which type of system to get, but individual preferences, the room the system is being installed to and whether it is used as a primary or secondary heat source should also be taken into account when choosing a system.

Running costs

The better the insulation, the better the heating system will perform for you. Underfloor heating running costs are dependent on the type of heater, room size, insulation, desired room temperature and the amount of time and days of the year the system is on.

To get an idea of the electric underfloor heating running costs and to compare your existing heating bills with how much you could save with underfloor heating, fill in our underfloor heating cost calculator.

Underfloor heating installation cost

The cost of installation depends on the type and the time it takes to fit the system. The systems can also be fitted by a competent DIYer, however, the thermostat needs to be connected by a part P/NICEIC certified electrician.


Electric underfloor heating is completely maintenance free and warm water based systems require minimal maintenance meaning that is either no, or minimal, maintenance costs associated with the system.

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