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Is Radiant Floor Heating Right for You?

Written by Warmup Inc on May 22nd, 2016 | Electric Underfloor Heating
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Waking up in the morning can be hard enough. Now, imagine sitting up in your warm and comfortable bed and putting your bare feet on the floor, only to feel an intense shiver travel from the bottom of your feet through your whole body. That instant loss of heat makes you cold, uncomfortable, and downright cranky. Just like that, the lack of warmth in your home has gotten your day off to a rough start. Here is why you should consider floor heating.

Even with typical heating elements in your house, maintaining a consistently warm temperature can be challenging and may often leave you with rooms that are colder than the others. By investing in radiant floor heating, you can rest assured that your entire home will be cozy and be inviting at all times of the day. 


Many of us remember those old-fashioned metal radiators that gave off tremendous heat but would give you a nasty blister when touched. Well, heated floor systems have a similar concept, but the process is much more refined and won’t leave you running your hand under cold water for hours to soothe a burn. Radiant floor heating systems provide heat directly to the floor of a home. The heat from the floor then radiates throughout the room and warms from the ground up. 


Installing heated floors is one of the truest and most effective ways to heat your home.

Traditional forced-air systems cause the warm air to rise, cool, and then head back to the floor. This is why you may hear your furnace kick on several times throughout the day in the winter, just to keep your house at a constant 70 degrees (actual data is 9 times an hour). How warm a room will get (and stay) largely depends on its location in your home and the position of your vents.

Radiant floor heating, on the other hand, gives you consistent temperature control throughout each room. Having your home climate controlled (zoned or zone-controlled) means lower energy bills, no bundling up to stay warm in the house, and no more rooms that feel like the Arctic.  

Warmup is monitoring 9 homes in various climates worldwide in order to show how heated floors work, how much they cost to run and to prove it is not only a reliable heat source but the most energy-efficient one.

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