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Are All Underfloor Heating Systems The Same?

Written by Warmup Inc on January 4th, 2017 | Choosing a System

Choosing between different floor heating systems and brands is one of the most important steps in getting underfloor heating as by choosing the correct system and brand will give you confidence in knowing that you can rely on your floor heating to last for years and years.

We go through in this article how to feel confident you are choosing the right system, what the differences in quality and performance between various systems are and the importance of the support and guarantees offered by the manufacturer.


There are floor heating systems suitable for almost any floor type including tiles, carpet, laminate, wood, and vinyl. The first decision is to determine whether your particular project is better suited to an electric or water system.

Electric systems are great for ease of installation, rapid response times, have a limited effect on floor height plus they are easy and flexible to use. Hydronic systems are very efficient, provide great heating for large areas and can be incorporated at the build stage.


Choosing a manufacturer with their own dedicated R&D department is paramount if you want tried and tested products that meet the strictest safety and performance standards. It’s of the utmost importance that independent testing is verified to be sure you are buying the best, and ensure that your supplier meets ISO 9001:2008 certification along with BS7671:2008.

Water systems also require the underfloor heating pipe to have a high strength factor married with flexibility to ensure ease of installation, plus your supplier should provide boiler recommendations for each system they provide as the added heating demand needs to be factored in.

Ensure the supplier can provide information on how each system will perform depending on the flooring specifications, including the energy usage and running costs right at the beginning of the design stage. Remembering that both electric and hydronic solutions are available for nearly all types of flooring.


Having the best products on the market is one thing but these must be backed with unprecedented support and guarantees to give you peace of mind.

Ensure your supplier is able to support you from the earliest design stage right up to post installation. Only 24/7 technical support can provide that confidence to builders and DIYers that don’t always adhere to regular hours.

Likewise, you need friction free guarantees that prioritize getting the job done – even if you break the heater yourself! Warmup heating products come with our unique SafetyNet™ Installation Guarantee which means that should the heater or pipe get damaged during installation, we will replace it for free. The best guarantees and warranties ensure that you can focus on getting the heating system you desire.

Learn more about the system on our Underfloor Heating Buying Guide or try our Underfloor Heating Product Selector to find the right system for you.


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