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Go Small and Have it All – Ontario

Go Small and Have it All – Ontario, Canada

Tiny House
Project type
Project location
Built in Ontario to travel anywhere
Hopestead Homes
Heating system
FOIL system connected to 4iE Smart WiFi thermostat
System specifications
  • FOIL heater
  • 4iE Smart WiFi Thermostat
  • WIU insulated underlay
 Running Cost
11 cents/hr (based on the national average)

Total Project Cost

Tiny House
  • FOIL Heater, $799
  • Thermostat, $309
  • Backup floor probes, $26
  • Cable tester, $25
  • Insulated Underlay, $599
  • Shipping and handling, $50

The Challenge 

While some enjoy large homes, others opt to live as tiny as possible. With a minimalist mindset and a perfectly engineered plan, living tiny affords new opportunities that traditional homes lack and that is exactly what Reuben loves about living tiny.

When we met Reuben from Hopestead Homes, he was living in a tiny home he had built a year and a half prior and running a custom-build tiny home company. With inspiration from his own living experience, Reuben is able to offer tiny home upgrades that tackle the ultimate challenge: maximizing living space. For two new clients, Reuben once again looked outside the box for solutions to make the small space feel comfortable enough to call home.

The Solution 

As Reuben searched for space-saving heating solutions he was pleased to discover underfloor heating that could deliver primary heat because it would not take up any space. Reuben was also delighted because from his experience he knew exactly how cold tiny home floors could be.

With underfloor heating decided upon, it was just necessary to pick flooring so that a compatible system could be specified. Engineered wood was the ultimate decision as it paired with the FOIL system that could easily be installed without thin-set or leveler. The FOIL system not only simplified installation but it also came in very lightweight which made for a win-win situation.

The Result 

With flooring down, final project pieces are coming together to get this home ready for the road. In this new home, Reuben hopes his clients can comfortably embrace the tiny house lifestyle and all of the freedoms that it has to offer.

The home will have plug-in service like an RV and the underfloor heating system in place will deliver 12 watts per square foot for a total of 840 watts in this tiny home. Per hour, the system will cost only 11 cents to operate and thanks to the smart 4iE thermostat in place, the floor will only be on when needed. In the most extream Canadian temperatures, the system will cost $24.19 a month to operate (16hrs a day, 30 days a month).

Do you love tiny homes and want to see more from Reuben? Find his custom-built tiny homes on Instagram @Hopesteadhomes

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