400 West Huron – Chicago, IL

400 West Huron

400 West Huron
Project type
Project location
Chicago, IL
Private habitants
About the Client
The building is a high-end, high-rise condo in the upscale River North neighbourhood, in the heart of downtown Chicago. The client wanted heated floors in their home to improve the comfort of their living spaces and increase the future value of their property.
Heating system
Warmup Heating Mat, 3iE Energy Monitoring Thermostat
System specifications
  • Heated Floor Mat: 120V, 3ft wide, 1.8mm thick cable, advanced fluoropolymer cable coating.
  • 3iE Energy Monitoring Thermostat: 2.4-inch color screen, 15A, Interactive, Intelligent, Efficient

The Challenge 

The owners wanted to free up wall space in their home and create a minimalist décor, meaning that conventional radiators were not an option.

The Solution 

Considering the nature of the building and the fact that it was built recently, Warmup installed multiple 120V floor heated mats across the 6 rooms, along with 3iE Energy Monitoring Thermostats. This freed up the wall space the client needed, increased the efficiency of their heating and provided detailed monitoring of their consumption through a stylish, customized interface that fitted their home décor perfectly.

The Result 

The customer was delighted with their home improvement, and the use of underfloor heating will make their property unique and will inevitably increase the value of the estate.

Product information

Heating Mat


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